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Clock Repairs
We do repairs, restoration, conservation and maintenance of clocks in Churches,
 public buildings or wherever you find large clocks.
We also install electric automatic clock winders on the older clocks which are still manually wound.
For ultimate timekeeping we can install a pendulum regulator which is GPS driven and will keep the clock on time
to the second, year after year, provided of course that the clock is in good running order. More info here.
We undertake work wherever you are in South Africa.
We do not repair grandfather or any other household clocks.

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Three train hand wound
& Company (1905)

Electrically wound Korfhage & Son (Germany)

Hand wound Gillett & Johnston (England) (1898)

Clock Tower in Bellville, South Africa. Swiss electronic clock movements.

Interesting clock.

Hand wound Korfhage & Son
in the Northern Cape
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